Monday, July 18, 2011

~Chasing Violets~

I recently discovered a line of custom clothing for babies and kids called Chasing Violets.  As most of you know, I have a daughter named Violet, so the name alone was enough to peak my interest!

Not only are the onesies, tees and dresses super adorable, they are designed and handmade by a local mom right here in Rochester, MI.  Amy (the creator of Chasing Violets) happens to have a 14 month old daughter named…you guessed it…Violet!

As I was looking through the Chasing Violets collection online, I was blown away at how unique and creative all the designs were. I loved the color combinations, the patterns and the textures.  Upon seeing the clothes in person, I found that the attention to detail and craftsmanship is wonderful as well!  As an added bonus, the clothes photograph amazingly!  The colors and patterns really pop.

Amy & I thought it would be fun to have our own Violets model a few of the gorgeous dresses….and they both rocked the camera! It almost seemed as if they were VERY familiar with having their picture taken. :)

I cannot speak highly enough about Chasing Violets. Often times, clients ask me for suggestions on how to dress their baby/child for a photo session. If you want something truly unique, look no further than Chasing Violets!

Below are a few of the images that came out of our session.  Be sure to scroll all the way through to read how you can get a discount on a Chasing Violets outfit of your own!

First up, Amy's Violet!  Wearing the "Phoebe" apron dress.

Wearing the reversible "Kate" dress.

Here's the "Kate" dress again, showing the reverse pattern on the left.

And here is my Violet!  Wearing the "Scarlett" on the left and the "Samara" on the right.

The "Brielle" twirl dress.  I love the full skirt on this one!

Boys need options too!  Amy creates some unique and adorable onesies and tees.

Personalized initial onesie.

The construction and attention to detail is really amazing on all of Amy's pieces.

The fabric, color and texture is amazing as well!

I even love the labels!

Here is Violet wearing the "Scarlett"(left) and the "Bella"(right).

Side 2 of the "Scarlett" reversible dress.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE her fabric choices?

The "Phoebe" reversible dress.  One side has an adorable apron, and the other side has gorgeous frilly trim.

I have to mention that the above/right photo captured a proud mama moment.  Violet was standing all by herself!!  She's done this before very briefly, but never long enough for me to take a picture.   I think we were both a little surprised!  I was so glad I had my camera handy.

The "Arianna."

Chasing Violets  :)

For more information on Amy's beautiful designs, check out the Chasing Violets website here.  Amy is graciously offering a 10% discount to Scarletta Images fans!! Simply “like” both of our pages on Facebook and contact Amy to place your order!  Just mention the Scarletta Images discount.  Check out the Chasing Violets page for a similar discount from me.  :)

Here are links to both of our Facebook pages:

Chasing Violets on Facebook
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  1. Omg!!! Super cute!!! I will be checking them out for Kenley!.... and tiny totally is model material :)

  2. So cute!! and your photography is wonderful.