Monday, March 28, 2011


Allow me to introduce Joey!  He was 6 months old at the time of our photo shoot.  I have to say, 6 months is one of my favorite ages to photograph.  Their little personality really starts to shine through, and they have all sorts of little tricks up their sleeve.  They can sit up, be on their tummy, roll, bounce, but they can't run away from the camera yet!

I had a great time capturing these images.  Joey is such a little cutie with the most amazing eyes!  Below are a few of my favorite images from our session.  Enjoy!

adorable joey... he has the biggest, most beautiful brown eyes!!

he likes tummy time

the happy family

those eyes!  i just can't get over them.  :)

the boys

joey & mommy.  daddy is responsible for that smile on his face.  :)

we must not forget the 4-legged member of the family!

a top favorite.  such a handsome little guy!!

Thanks to Cindy, Joe and Joey for inviting me to capture these images of your beautiful family!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

~Lyla & Billy~

Could it be?  Two blog posts in one week??  Maybe I am catching feels good!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this very adorable pair, Lyla & Billy.  Lyla was just 7 months old at the time of our photo session, and Billy was 2.5 years old.

Their mom was interested in having more of a formal "studio" look for the photos.  I still used natural light for all of the images.  I always prefer natural light if I can use it!  They had a wonderful front window that gave us some gorgeous lighting.

If you like this look, stay tuned for some more studio-type images from me.  There will be something coming in the very near future!

In the meantime, enjoy a few images of the lovely Lyla and handsome Billy!



brother & sister.  billy wanted to include his little whale friend too.  :)

billy's serious look

lyla has the most beautiful blue eyes!

wardrobe change!  i just love her expression here.

she made my job so easy!  she loved looking right at my camera.

last but not least, one of my favorites.  even in black & white, her eyes just pop!  not to mention those adorable lips and button nose!  

A big thanks to Lyla & Billy for being great models!!  :)  

Hope you all enjoyed these.  And like I said, stay tuned for some more studio shots from me in the very near future! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~Ethan's Winter One-derland~

I’ve fallen a bit behind on my blog posts, but I feel like I’m finally catching up!  I’m excited to finally share some images from a shoot I did back in January. 

My little buddy, Ethan, turned ONE on January 15th, and I had the pleasure of photographing his big party.  Ethan and I go way back.  J   You’ve probably seen pictures of him elsewhere on my blog and website, as I’ve taken pictures of him from the very beginning (starting when he was still a bun in the oven for mommy’s maternity shoot).  I love when I get to capture images from newborn through the first year (and beyond!).  It is such a joy to watch babies grow and develop their little personality.  

The theme of Ethan’s party was “Winter One-derland” which I thought was brilliant!  I had so much fun documenting his big day.  I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images, below. 

the birthday boy...ethan!

i had to share a photo of ethan when he was a newborn.  he was a premie and soo tiny!

now i'm ONE and i'm on the move!!

some of the fun details

a fun moment with uncle matt

the smash cake.  looks like someone snuck a little taste  :)

hmm...what have we here?



i think we're done now!

the clean up crew...ethan's sister, mia.  i'm not kidding...she actually jumps into his high chair all by herself! 

i am one with the presents! 

Happy 1st Birthday to Ethan!!  I had so much fun at your Winter One-derland party.  Now, onto Spring!

Friday, March 11, 2011


I recently had the pleasure of meeting little Cecelia.  She was 6 months old at the time of our session.  You will see from the images below that she is a very happy and adorable little girl!  I got so many smiles and laughs from her...I had a blast photographing her.  Her laugh was very contagious...she had all of us laughing along with her.

She did get a little serious and sleepy towards the end of our shoot (all that modeling is hard work!), but she was still seriously adorable.

Below are a few of my favorites from our session...Enjoy!!

beautiful cecelia!!

she loved playing with her feet!

sitting in her big girl chair!

cecelia & mommy (i think daddy is doing something very interesting in the distance)

nap break with daddy.  phew!  all that smiling wore me out!

and we're awake again!

looks cold outside!

check out those gorgeous eyes

and lastly, one of my favorites.  i just love that happy smile!!

Thank you Teresa & Wayne for inviting me to photograph your beautiful little angel!  I enjoyed meeting all of you, and Cecelia was seriously a pleasure to photograph!!  ~Denise

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~Wyatt, Cooper & Courtney~

Allow me to introduce two handsome little guys, Wyatt & Cooper!

Little Wyatt entered this world just this past November, and he was 2 months old at the time of our session. Cooper is Wyatt's big brother, and he was nearly 3 years old.  These little guys are the sons of my wonderful friend, Courtney.

I have known Courtney since my high school days, when we were neighbors.  We used to carpool to school every day, and since I've never been much of a morning person, she would call me every morning to make sure I was out of bed.  She's always looking out for me.  I have since gotten slightly better about getting up in the morning.  :)  

I was so excited to photograph her beautiful little boys.  Below are some of my favorites!

meet wyatt!!

smiley little fella :)

wyatt and mommy.  those little shoes are the cutest!

beautiful courtney and her little guy!

meet cooper!

handsome little man


love this one.  such a happy camper!!

I had so much fun capturing these images.   Thanks Court, Cooper & Wyatt for a fun day!!