Monday, April 4, 2011

~Little Tiny Studio~

As a natural light photographer, I usually dread the winter.  Obviously, natural light is most abundant outside, so my preference is to shoot outdoors whenever I can.  This past winter, however, I really started to embrace indoor photography.  Perhaps this had something to do with how LONG and incredibly COLD the winter was!  It really forced me to work with the lighting conditions, no matter where I was shooting.

On another note, I've worked with clients recently who prefer more of a studio look for their photos (as opposed to the more candid type of work I usually do).  I really started getting into this as well.  Now that I have a little one of my own, I definitely enjoy capturing some more formal shots of her.

So, I decided to combine these two things:  indoor photography & studio photography.  I put some extra space in my house to good use, and set up a little in-home, natural light studio.  I wanted to keep it fairly simple...just some nice backdrops, great natural lighting, and an adorable subject to shoot.  :)   I think the end result is sophisticated and timeless.  

With that, I would like to introduce... Little Tiny Studio!  Below are a few sample shots, courtesy of Tiny herself.  :)

have you heard about Little Tiny Studio??

little diva :)

it's spring, but i'm still wearing my winter hat!

I will most definitely continue to do on location shoots, but I'm excited to start offering studio sessions as another option.  Studio sessions will take place in 1 hour increments.  And please note, the studio is literally quite little/ it works best for little ones, individuals, or small families (not large groups).  :)

Contact me for more information, pricing and availability.  We would love to see you at Little Tiny Studio!

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