Friday, April 8, 2011


Meet Ella!  I had the pleasure of first meeting her over a year ago when she was just a baby.  She was around 7 months old, and I was just starting to get into photography. (If you have one of my business cards, Ella is actually the baby featured on the back).  Ella’s mom, Jen, was originally referred to me by a previous client.  Upon meeting for the first time, Jen and I realized that we already knew each other, as we used to work for the same company.  What a coincidence!!

Another interesting coincidence is that Ella is affectionately called "Tiny" by her parents.  As most of you probably know, my little one is called Tiny too!  Maybe I subconsciously picked this up when I did Ella’s first shoot, over a year ago.

Recently, Jen and I were chatting and decided we should introduce the two Tinys...they hit it off right away!  This also gave me an opportunity to put my Little Tiny Studio into action.  How fitting, the first client for Little Tiny Studio was named Tiny.   :)

Below are a few of the resulting images of the beautiful Miss Ella, aka Tiny, who is now nearly 2 years old. Enjoy!

beautiful Ella ~ aka tiny

had to share an image from my first photo shoot with of my all time favorite baby pics!!

tiny giggles  :)

love those eyes

Thanks to Jen and Ella for visiting Little Tiny Studio!  Tiny and I had a great time and we hope you enjoy these images!!

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