Monday, October 25, 2010


Meet Ethan.  We spent the afternoon at the park for some fun and a 9 month photo session.

Ethan is a very special little guy because, not only is he incredibly adorable, but he is the son of my very good friend, Jennifer.  I've known Jennifer since our elementary school days.  She was 5 and I was 8, but we didn't let the age difference stop us from becoming buddies.  I have so many fun memories of that time in my life.  One that comes to mind is sliding down the stairs in a laundry basket at her house (in case her parents are reading this, I'm sure her brothers were behind that).  :)

As we got older, we lost touch, as people often do when they move on to college, careers, etc.  But then, as fate would have it, we ran into each other at the annual Zoo-de-Mack in northern Michigan.  As it turns out, we lived within a few miles of each other.

It has been so great reconnecting with my long, lost buddy...and even greater getting to know her little guy, Ethan. There's something so amazing about your friend having a child.  You see part of them in this new, little person.  

I'm excited to share a few of my favorite images from Ethan's 9 month session.  We lucked out with an absolutely gorgeous fall day.  And, as I warned you earlier, he is incredibly adorable!

Handsome Ethan

He is quite fashionable at 9 months old!

Loved his little hat.

Hanging out with Mommy.

I love this little series...leaves are so interesting!  :)

Those eyes!  Those cheeks!

Hands taste good.

Beautiful Family.

Definitely my favorite shot of the day.  Love the light, his expression and his big, beautiful eyes!

Thanks Jen, Eric and Ethan for spending the afternoon with me...happy 9 month birthday to Ethan!

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