Tuesday, October 18, 2011

~Anna & Rebecca : Child Photography ~

Allow me to introduce two cuties:  Anna and Rebecca!  They are sisters, age 3 and 6, and we had a super fun photo session a few weeks ago.  The fall colors were just starting, yet there were still lots of flowers left from summer.  AND... we even had some fun playing in the creek.  A very well-rounded photo session.  :)  

Below are a few of my favorite images.  Enjoy!

anna!  age 3

such a cutie

big sister, rebecca, age 6.

beautiful little lady

sisters :)

rebecca made my job SO easy.  she was a great little model.

anna was a little trickier to catch (as 3 year olds often are!).  but when she stopped for a second,
i was able to capture some beautiful images, like this one!

playing in the creek.

the flowers in the background remind me of a Monet painting.


beautiful sisters.

a top favorite!  sisterly love.  :)

A huge thanks to Rebecca, Anna, and their parents, Wendy & Robert, for a fun photo session.  I hope you love your images...I sure had fun capturing them!!  

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